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산티 드라이슈트

E.Lite – Made to Measure
Leck seal : Latex -black
Zipper: front-plastic TIZIP
Inflation Valve: Apeks
Exhaust Valve: Apeks Low profile
Wristseals: coned usual
6mm light collar
boots: Flex Sole Boots size: LX
Fitting : Regular

윙패키지 조립 참고영상

BackPlate + Wing + Harness

Wing: Lets stay with 30lb wing
BackPlate: Stay with the Aluminum BackPlate
Harness: Upgrade to the Dive Rite Dlx Harness
mounting Sex Bolts: Add 2 Sex Bolts
Crotch Strap: 2″ Critch Strap w/ SS Ring and Neo Pad